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Catalog Design, Printing and Publishing Service for Print, Web and Dispaly

Designed for Either Digital Print or Web Reproduction:

A catalog is the ink and paper equivalent of a retail store, with many of the same sales objectives. Your catalog design must be a delight to the eye showing products in their best possible light. Use of quality product photography, clean design and an easy to find order form are key elements. The mail order form must be designed so that it's easy for the shopper to order, easy for the fulfillment house to understand what to ship, and easy for the merchant to track the success of the catalog

When it comes to catalog design, our Orange County graphic design team at Graphically Speaking creates eye-catching design concepts with your vision in mind, designed to attract customers and communicate your message across all sales and marketing platforms.

Catalog design is effective when your company’s objective is clearly defined. Graphically Speaking will initially consult with you to determine exactly what products and or services you want to showcase and gather your catalog information to be presented. We typically schedule an initial meeting with you to get more information about your sales and marketing vision, your brand and strategy. We will want to know, how you intend to reach your prospective customer… through direct mail, social media, the web? Do you want to encourage online purchases, produce a digital catalog in addition to a printed catalog? Do you want your prospective customer to access your website for more information or to make purchases through your online store?

Once we understand your objective, we will produce a conceptual graphic design layout that incorporates your company vision and brand with a design concept that will set you apart from your competition. Our goal is to keep your objective in mind while inspiring and communicating your message to effectively sell your product and/or service and get your message out to your target market.

Producing exceptional product photography and creating attention-grabbing headlines and easy-to read product content, are essential when selling your product or service. Your company information should be brief and to the point always keeping your objective in mind. This is the key to producing a top quality catalog design that will attract your audience.

A strong call to action is crucial in your marketing message. Graphically Speaking understand the importance of providing your customers the next step as a means to achieving your sales and marketing goals and ultimately getting your product out to your target market.

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