Our company and its History continued
Past, Present, and Future - Over the past fifty years Shaw & Sons has had a stellar safety record; the company has never experienced serious injury to an employee or
loss of life.

Aside from having equipment regularly serviced and in excellent condition, every Shaw employee has carte blanch to purchase to replace, any damaged power, pneumatic or hand tools and related items along with new items such as respirators, eye protection, hardhats, safety vests etc. with no questions asked.

Our foremen are all CPR and First Aid certified along with Respiratory Protection, OSHA, Highreach and Forklift certifications. Safety Inspections, Hazard Assessment and Tool Box Safety talks are also a big part of Shaw & Sons weekly regimen in order to keep Safety #1 in our employee’s minds. Our people not only watch out for public safety but also for all jobsite personnel as well.
Safety inspections,
Hazard Assesment
and Tool Box Safety
talks are a big part of
Shaw & Sons weekly
Floor panel removal at Eisenhower Hospital, Palm Desert
Safety Lanyard tie-off, hardhat, eye and ear protection - Shaw & Sons Demolition project.
Safety through Innovation
Our patented high-rise deck pour system is not
only cost efficient, but it also governs the proper
net thickness and load yields floor after floor,
resulting in a safer building.
A Skill 77 with a
damaged guard is
inexpensive and
easy to replace
Our patented Lithocrete® hardscape paving system
has a near perfect slip co-efficiency and always
retains an easy walking surface as compared
with other competitive finishes.
Old conventional method
of doweling not only cost more with labor vs. part, but also destroy lumber
and concrete and can cause injuries to workers
Speed Dowel
Our world renown speed doweling system works year
after year to prevent vertical concrete displace-
ment or the typical ‘tripping’ hazards found
with non-doweled concrete. It also reduces
physical labor (and worker’s comp insurance
claims) with a simple part. Speed Dowel™
was designed by Ron and Lee Shaw with safety
in mind.
During first pour,
Speed Dowels
eliminate sheared
dowel hazards
during forming,
placing and
Speed Dowels – safe, clean and efficient
Safety with Kevlar Fibrwrap Reinforced Materials for Seismic Safety Efficiency
Both Irvine Company Headquarter Towers – the
500 and 550 Newport Center Drive buildings, were retrofitted with Kevlar reinforced Fibrwrap™
by Shaw & Sons

Out performs steel jacket retrofitting
Simple installation
Minimal column stiffness and
structure load increase
Minimal cosmetic impact to
architectural detail
The following chart illustrates the technical
advantages that Fibrwrap has over conventional
steel jacket reinforcement.

Axial Load
Lateral Load
400 KIP
51 KIP

1.40 in.

400 KIP
205 KIP

4.67 in.
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