Lee Shaw

(born 1952)
Financial, Field Quality, Operations and Construction
33 years with Shaw & Sons Concrete, worked through college as a union carpenter foreman for the company. Currently oversees all company financial operations and field operations with relation to quality control, procedures and finished product client satisfaction. Lee Shaw, along with John Wills provides the often, missing communication and coordination between the General Contractor, Architect, office and field personnel. Lee assures each project Shaw & Sons builds has our signature quality.


Ron Shaw

(born 1957) Design Assistance, Pre-Construction, and Project Budgets. 28 years with Shaw & Sons Concrete, worked through college as a union carpenter foreman for the company. Currently offers Shaw & Sons experience to designers, and architects in relation to constructibility, use of materials and assurance of proper structural design prior to construction. Delivers design criteria with quantities, design perimeters and scope.

Vice President:
Paul Taylor

(born 1964) Business Development, Chief Estimator, Pre-Construction 22 years with Shaw & Sons, worked through college as a union carpenter foreman for the company. Paul has an unsurpassed knowledge of concrete construction, which is reflected in his ability to perform complete scope evaluations eliminating errors and mistakes prior to construction. Currently bids, defines contract scope, and ensures job procurements. Delivers full project packages to our field operation to assure consistent and precise communication prior to construction.
Vice President:
John Wills

(born 1964) Head of Operations Construction 21 years in construction, 8 with Shaw & Sons. After college John worked for Koll Construction in which he has overseen over $250 million in construction projects. He is gifted in applying his experience and procedures that prevent many of the typical problems and applies strength to scheduling, details, layout, contracts and general trade interface. John also enjoys pushing designs to their full construction capability.
Dolores Bishop

(born 1952)
Controller Degree in accounting. She has worked with Shaw & Sons for 23 years. She has managed uniform and honest growth. Approaching $20 million in gross sales, Dolores has consistently maintained our debt free objective. Her team’s accuracy along with our Timberline accounting program allows all field and office management instant job control reports, balance sheet reports, bond reports and all other necessary accounting items all at a moments notice.
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