SECTION 321316.15


PART 1            GENERAL




A.         Requirements of "General Conditions of the Contract" and of Division 1, "General Requirements," apply to work in this Section with same force and effect as though repeated in full herein.


1.2       SCOPE OF WORK


A.         Furnish materials, labor, transportation, services, and equipment necessary to furnish and install Lithocreteâ architectural concrete paving incorporating the patented Lithocreteâ process as indicated on Drawings and as specified herein.


            B.         Work included in this Section:

1.              Installation of architectural concrete paving called Lithocreteâ under U.S. Patents

2.              (#4,748,788, #6,033,146, #6,016,635 and U.S. Trademark #1,873,329). Contact Ron Shaw, Paul Taylor, Damon Toth or Ryan Rood @ 949 642 0660


            C.         Work related in other Sections:

1.              Section 02750 - Portland Cement Concrete Paving:  Adjacent concrete paving.

2.              Section 02810 - Irrigation System:  Coordination of irrigation sleeve installation.

3.              Section 02900 - Landscape Planting:  Coordination of plant material placement.

4.              Section 07900 – Joint Sealers:  Installation of caulking.




A.         Federal, State and local laws and regulations governing this Work are hereby incorporated into and made part of this Section.  When this Section calls for certain materials, workmanship, or a level of construction that exceeds the level of Federal, State, or local requirements, provisions of this Section take precedence.




            A.         Specifications and recommended practices of American Concrete Institute (ACI), American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), The Uniform Building Code, and U.S. Patent’s  #4,748,788, #6,033,146, #6,016,635 and U.S. Trademark #1,873,329).  referred to in this Specification with their individual designations are to be considered part of this Specification.

            B.         Design and Control of Concrete Mixtures – Thirteenth Edition; Portland cement Association.




A.         Quality control to be maintained by licensed installers of Lithocreteâ throughout duration of project.


B.         Paving Subcontractor Qualifications: provide evidence to indicate successful experience in Paving Subcontractor Qualifications: provide evidence to indicate successful experience in providing Lithocrete similar to that specified herein and demonstrate successful experience


C.         Demonstration of experience: provide a minimum of 3 local projects with in a 100 mile radius Of project site of installed Lithocrete architectural paving totaling at least 200,000 s.f. with reference list of each  containing contact person and phone #  of project architect’s and owner rep.


D.         Supervision: On site superintendent must have a minimum of 5 years experience installing Lithocrete.


E.         Slip Resistance: provide a finish with a slip resistance of equal or greater than 0.65 when tested by the owner in accordance with ASTM F 489





A.         Verify conditions at site that affect work of this Section.

B.         Take field measurements as required.

C.         Report major discrepancies between Drawings and field dimensions to Owner's Authorized Representative prior to commencing work.


1.7       SUBMITTALS


            A.         Product Data:  Submit no later than 10 days after contract award a typed list of products specified in this Section.


            B.         Shop Drawings:

1.         Submit shop drawings for reinforcing steel and accessories in accordance with ACI standards.

2.         Paving Jointing and Pour Sequence Plan - submit six blueprints indicating the following:

                                    a.         Proposed layout of contraction, construction and isolation joints.  Clearly delineate the three different joint types.

                                    b.         Layout of paving types as indicated on Drawing Paving Schedule.  Give overall dimensions of each paving type.

c.         Concrete pour sequence.  Indicated sequence of paving pour installation.



C.         Statement of Mix Design:  Submit (1) copy of Statement of Mix Design prepared by batch plant servicing Project for each load delivered to Project.  Statement of Mix Design to contain following information:

1.         Name, address, and telephone number of batch plant preparing

2.         Date of mix design.

3.         Project location.

4.         Contractor requesting load delivery.

5.         Mix design number.

6.         Integral color used.

7.         Gradations for sand and aggregate.

8.         Material weights, specific gravity, and absolute volumes.

9.         Basis of testing, i.e. UBC 2605 D4 and Title 24 2604 D4.

10.       Water/cement ratio.

            11.       PSI rating.

            12.       Signature of testing laboratory manager.

            13.       Signed stamp from registered Project structural engineer or architect.


D.         Lithocreteâ Surface-Seeded Aggregate (extra stock):

1.         One 1-pound sample of each Lithocreteâ aggregate specified.

2.         One 100-pound sealed bag of each Lithocreteâ aggregate specified for use by Owner in future repairs of damaged Lithocreteâ concrete paving.


E.         Washed Concrete Sand (extra stock):

1.         One 50-pound sealed bag of washed concrete sand similar to type used during installation of Lithocreteâ.



            A.         None allowed unless approved in writing by Owner’s Authorized Representative.


1.9       TESTING


            A.         A testing agency may be designated by Owner or Owner's Authorized Representative.  Testing personnel to meet ASTM E329 requirements.


1.10     MOCK-UPS


            A.         Prior to construction, provide (1) 4-foot x 4-foot x 4-inch sample of each Lithocreteâ paving type specified on Drawings.


            B.         Ensure that each mock-up contains joint types specified on project, i.e. construction, contraction, and isolation.


            C.         Locate mock-ups in a conveniently accessible and protected place.  Approved mock-ups will be standard for future Lithocreteâ installation review.


            D.         Remove mock-ups from site upon completion of Work and approval by Owner’s Authorized Representative.




            A.         Keep Work area clean, and in a safe and workmanlike condition so that rubbish, waste and debris do not interfere with work of other trades.




            A.         Store materials in a dry and protected location.  Protect reinforcing steel and dowels from rusting, deformation, staining, and moisture damage.


            B.         Keep Lithocreteâ aggregate dry at all times prior to installation.




            A.         Notify Owner’s Authorized Representative and contractors performing work related to installation of Contractor’s Work in ample time, so as to allow sufficient time for them to perform their portion of work.



PART 2            PRODUCTS




            A.         Type I, IA, II, IIA, III, IIIA, IV, and V cements, to conform to ASTM C150.


B.         Use same brand of cement from single source throughout entire project.

C.         Refer to Drawings for cement type specified.




            A.         Clean, hard, and durable washed concrete sand, conforming to ASTM C33.


B.         Use same sand from single source throughout entire project.




            A.         Clean, hard, and durable coarse aggregate, conforming to ASTM C33.


B.         Use same aggregate from single source throughout entire project.




            A.         Refer to Drawings for specified Lithocreteâ surface-seeded aggregate type, size, color, and distribution percentage.


B.         Use same Lithocreteâ surface-seeded aggregate from same source for each paving type specified throughout entire project.


2.5       WATER


            A.         Free from deleterious materials such as oils, acids, and organic matter.


2.6       ADMIXTURES


A.         Integral Concrete Coloring Admixture:  Refer to Drawings for color type and manufacturer.

                        1.         Acceptable Manufacturers:
         L.M. Scofield;  (800) 800-9900.

                                    b.         Colorfull by Admixtures, Inc.;  (626) 357-3263.

                                    c.         QC;  (800) 453-8213.


B.         Air Entrainment Admixtures:  Conforming to ASTM C260.

                        1.         Acceptable Manufacturers:

a.         Grace Construction Products;  DaravairÒ, (800) 433-0020 or

                                    b.         Master Builders, Inc.;  Micro-AirÒ, (800) 628-9990 or


            C.         Water Reducing Admixtures:  Conforming to ASTM C494, Type A.

                        1.         Acceptable Manufacturers:

a.         Grace Construction Products; WRDA®  (800) 433-0020

                                    b.         Master Builders, Inc.;  Micro-AirÒ (800) 628-9990 or


            D.         Shrinkage Reducing Admixtures:  Conforming to ASTM C157.

                        1.         Acceptable Manufacturers:

a.         Grace Construction Products; Eclipse®  (800) 433-0020 or

b.         Eclipse® Shrinkage Reducing Admixture is a liquid admixture which dramatically reduces concrete shrinkage and curling due to drying.




            A.         Batched, mixed and transported in accordance with ASTM C94 - "Specifications for Ready Mixed Concrete."




A.         Reinforcing Steel:  Conforming to ASTM A615, clean and free of rust, dirt, grease or


            B.         Tie Wire:  16-gauge plain cold-drawn steel conforming to ASTM A82, clean, and free of rust, dirt, grease or oils.


            C.         Supports for Reinforcement:

                        1.         Provide supports for reinforcement including bolsters, chairs, spacers and other devices for spacing, supporting and fastening reinforcing bars in place.


            D.         Polypropylene Fiber Reinforcement:  100% virgin multifilament polypropylene fibers, complying with ASTM C 1116 - Type III.

                        1.         Acceptable Manufacturers:

                                    a.         Fibermesh;  Fibermix StealthÒ – 1/4” long (423)892-8080 or

                                    b.         Grace Construction Products;  MicroFiberTM (800)433-0020 or

                        2.         Application Rate:  1/2 lb./cy of mix.




A.         Refer to Section 07900 – Joint Sealers for isolation joint construction.



A.         Construct Speed Dowel Construction joints at modules not larger than 20’-0” x 20’-0”.


B.         Dowel schedule to match rebar schedule and at a minimum spacing of 18”o.c.


C.         1/2-inch-diameter smooth dowel, free of dirt, grease, and oils. Encase 50 percent of each dowel in a Speed DowelTM plastic sleeve to allow parallel lateral movement of each Dowel. Double check steel dowel to Speed dowel tolerance to insure snug fit.  Contact Greenstreak at (800) 325-9504 or Or contact local suppliers such as White cap


2.11     FLY ASH


A.             ASTM C618 - Type F.



PART 3            EXECUTION


3.1       SUBGRADE


A.         Subgrade to meet requirements of project’s soils report.


B.         Ensure that a minimum 4-inch layer of graded washed concrete sand compacted to 95 percent relative compaction is placed over subgrade prior to placing concrete.


            C.         Screed sand to a smooth plane.


            D.         Ensure that utilities, including irrigation lines are buried and compacted below bottom of sand layer.


E.         Keep sand damp prior to placing concrete.


3.2       FORMING


            A.         Be responsible for design and engineering of form work as well as its construction.


B.         Ensure that Work conforms to recommended practice for concrete form work (ACI 347), latest edition.


C.         Do not exceed 20-feet by 20-feet in a formed construction area.


D.         Ensure that form lumber is new #2 or better grade wood.  Do not use used form lumber.


E.         Perform form layout with a digital electronic transit for line layout accuracy.


F.         Allow forms to remain in place long enough to allow concrete to set properly.  Remove forms when appropriate.




            A.         Proportion and mix of cement, aggregate, admixture and water to attain required plasticity and strength in accordance with current edition of ACI Manual of Concrete Practice and PCA "Design and Control of Concrete Mixtures."


            B.         Concrete mixtures to be designed by an approved commercial testing laboratory, using approved materials to obtain specified minimum compressive strength.


            C.         Concrete Mix Criteria:


1.              Slump:  5‑inch, with a 1/2-inch slump differential between successive batches.  Obtain approval from Owner’s Authorized Representative if slump is outside these parameters.

2.         Minimum PSI Rating at 28 days:  2,500.

3.         Cement quantity per yard of mix:                                 

a.         Minimum:  6 sack.

b.         Maximum:  7 sack.

4.         Water/cement ratio:  0.65 – 0.67.

5.         Sand:  70% of total mix.

6.         Pea gravel:  30% of total mix.

7.         Admixtures:                             

a.         Air entrainment:  Do not exceed 2%.

b.         Shrinkage Reducing:  Do not exceed 2% by weight of cement.

8.         Fly ash:  Use only when seeding reactive Lithocreteâ aggregates such as glass and sea shells.

9.         Non-Chloride Accelerators:  Do not use corrosive accelerators such as calcium chloride.

10.       Concrete Delivery:  Use of concrete loads exceeding 90 minutes from time of batch plant must be approved by Owner’s Authorized Representative.

11.           Ensure that batch plant guarantees single source supply for cement, sand, and aggregate for the entire project.





            1.         Lithocreteâ is a patented paving process.  Installation of Lithocreteâ surface-seeded aggregate must be performed by a licensed Lithocreteâ installer only.

2.         Contact Lithocreteâ at (949) 642 0660 for a licensed Lithocreteâ installer in project area.

3.         Lithocreteâ is installed in accordance with U.S. Patents . #4,748,788, #6,033,146, #6,016,635 and U.S. Trademark #1,873,329). 

4.         Lithocreteâ process incorporates use of following patented products:

            a.         Lithocrete ConditionerTM.

            b.         Lithocrete Etch RetarderÒ.

            c.         LithosealTM paving sealer.


3.5       JOINTING


A.         Refer to ACI 302 “Guide for Concrete Floor and Slab Construction” for work under this section.



            B.         Construction and Contraction Joints:

                        1.         Sawcut construction and contraction joints in locations indicated on Drawings.

                        2.         Perform jointing with a new diamond tip circular saw.

                        3.         Joint Width:  Per Drawings.  Do not exceed 3/16-inch in width.

                        4.         Depth of sawcuts:  1/4th depth of slab.

                                    b.         Decorative Sawcut Joints:  Per Drawings.

                        5.         Sawcut joints in a straight line with no overcutting.

                        6.         Use a hand tool to sawcut up to vertical edges such as walls, steps, curbs and columns.  No cutting into vertical surfaces will be allowed.


C.         Isolation Joint Caulking:

1.         Install isolation joint caulking to be installed under Section 07900 – Joint Sealers.


3.6       CURING


            A.         After initial Lithocreteâ aggregate exposure, continuously sprinkle or fog paving with water for minimum 7 days.


3.7       SEALING


            A.         Seal surface of  paving using  Lithocreteâ Sealer.


            B.         Follow Lithocreteâ Sealer directions when applying this product (sealer must be applied in 3 to 6 coats).