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Website Design Service

Web Design Tailored to Reach your Target Market

Website Design is fast becoming an extension of a company brochure and it’s brand. When combined with access through mobile devices and mobile applications, the possibilities for reaching your target market, communicating your message, engaging your target customers, and promoting new business are endless, with new cutting edge solutions coming available on a regular basis.

Graphically Speaking strives to understand your business objectives and goals to determine the best web design solution. When you contract with us for website design, we consult with you and go through the discovery process of learning more about your business, its products, services, competition and target market. We’ll gather information to understand your vision and your functionality requirements.

Next we will assemble the team of professionals that best suites your requirements. Your visions becomes our challenge to create web pages consistent with your brand, that display your products, services and company information in an organized manner, easy to navigate, easy to find specific information, and maintain a user friendly experience.

We typically present a few different design solutions in the initial presentation. This allows us to get your feed back and narrow down initial choices to a specific design direction. We then take your input and information and prepare a live Home page and single linked page sample and present it to you on a test site for your review and approval.

We begin production of the remaining pages when all client-supplied content drafts and all supplied images choices are edited, finalized and approved. The remaining pages of the site will be formatted and tested for W3C compliance and verified by the W3C validator, tested on a test site prior to presenting the draft of the complete site. Upon your approval of all pages and all content, the site will be uploaded to client server to go live.

Other Web Services We Provide:

• Web design development from template
• Responsive web design development
• CMS, Shopping Cart, Other
• SEO | Social Media Share
• Website Maintenance
• Print to mobile device, interactive media solutions.

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Storage Valet website design concept 2.
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