Lithocrete is an assembly of trademarked patents formatted into individual, unique systems. Each system has written step-by-step requirements and instructions that enable the user to produce the same exact results from project to project. Each individual system has attached to it, one or more patents, trademark and/or trade secrets. Lithocrete cannot be reproduced by non-licensed companies because they simply do not have knowledge of all the important steps that affect the overall product.

For example: Shaw’s seeded heat fractured glass Lithocrete – Two important ingredients are used to stop ASR. ASR occurs when the silica glass reacts with the alkali in cement paste and when moisture is added, the glass forms a silica gel, dislodging the glass aggregate within a few years. With Lithocrete’s unique patented process ASR is completely stopped and is proven not only in theory, but also in years of successful installations free of any defects.


Lithocrete Image at Chapman University

It is refreshing to work with a company that is truly a master of their trade. Shaw & Sons has proven time and time again that they can deliver the highest quality product regardless of time constraints. Their innovative and creative solutions to complex construction problems separate them from their competitors.
- Kurt Riedl, ABACUS