Safety Record

With over 60 years in the industry, Shaw & Sons is grateful to report that they have never experienced a loss of life or major injury to an employee or any other person. The company’s foremen are all CPR and First Aid certified, as well as having respiratory protection, OSHA, high-reach and forklift certification.

Safety inspections, hazard assessments, & toolbox safety meetings are a key component of the weekly work regimen. Shaw & Sons makes sure that each employee has had the best training for each specific task they are responsible for. Records have proven that construction companies with employees who really understand what they’re doing, can do far more work in less time with fewer injuries. Each employee has a deep rooted understanding of the company’s safely policies, business philosophies, culture, and takes pride in their work.

SHAW & SONS Safety Record image

Safety inspections, hazard assessment and tool box safety talks are a big part of SHAW & SONS weekly regimen.