What Makes SHAW & SONS Different?

Continued Goal: Build anything within your profession better than any one else.

Compare: Prior to contracting with anyone else, walk three of their projects and walk three of Shaw & Sons’ projects and you will find the attention to detail, quality and overall project performance is always worth the difference between selecting Shaw & Sons over any of our competitors. Numbers don’t lie and if there is a true in-depth comparison, our efficiency always prevails with Shaw & Sons being awarded the contract.

Respect: Our biggest asset is respect, not only for the people we work for, but just as important, who we work with each and every day. Everyone at Shaw & Sons has the highest regard of respect for his or her working partner.

Schedule and Performance: Even under demanding and condensed schedules, Shaw & Sons has always made project deadlines on time without losing control of the project budget and/or quality.


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Shaw & Sons was selected to install the concrete because of their reputation as one of the best contractors for this kind of installation, which requires a lot of skill and care to achieve a uniform finish over a very large area. We didn’t have a second chance at this, and we knew we could always trust Shaw to do it right the first time.
- Bruce DeJong, AIA, Gensler