• Specifications - All required ingredients are used and all procedures are followed on every Lithocrete project.

• No short cuts are permitted when installing Lithocrete assuring high quality and long lasting results.

• Lithocrete never experiments on job sites. Instead, we spend years developing our systems and making sure they work properly in our lab.

• Owners & Architects have been completely satisfied with their choice of Lithocrete in the past and dissatisfied with other products.

• Granite Lithocrete and L.Q.S. save installation costs and consist of natural stone with a natural granite appearance.

• Lithocrete and L.Q.S. require very low maintenance and saves building owners a great deal of money in a short period of time.



2111 Michaelson Photo

We chose Shaw & Sons for the hardscape on this project because of their outstanding reputation for a high quality workmanship and superior product line. The outcome exceeded our expectations and created a beautiful surface that compliments the elegance of the architecture and the project as a whole.
- Tom Bosley, Hines