Constellation Place/MGM Corporate Headquarters

Owner: JMB Realty

Architect: Johnson Fain

Landscape Architect: Mia Lehrer + Associates

Artist: Anna Valentina Murch

General Contractor: Hathaway Dinwiddie

The goal for this project was to make the exterior environment of Constellation Place not just a passageway, but an inhabitable place for people to experience. There are very few public seating areas in Century City. The conceptual premise was to make a totality of experience that would read as a sequence of related elements that collectively lead one through the passageway. Metaphorically, the artist, Anna Valentina Murch, envisioned the area as a canyon that had been carved by water flows. She wished to reference, in an abstracted way, the fluidity and dynamic of a natural canyon of Southern California. The project features Lithocrete Sedimentary Walls and coral sand Lithocrete® walkways and wall tops.

When I was commissioned for the landscape design for this public area/garden outside the building that had already been completed. I was asked to rethink the area and was given license from the architect to not just add interventions but to alter some of the previously designed elements. Shaw worked with me from the initial conceptual design, through a series of mock-ups to get the qualities I wanted, and nothing was too much trouble. The whole team worked so well together, they have so much pride in their work. Shaw & Sons’ concern for the finish and detail was wonderful. They were always extremely helpful and efficient. It was a very rewarding working relationship. I hope I have another opportunity to work with them soon.

– Anna Valentina Murch, Arroyo Suite, Constellation Place, Century City, Los Angeles