DreamWorks Animation Studio

Owner: Dreamworks LLC

Architect: Ehrlich Architects/Gensler

Landscape Architect: SWA Group

General Contractor: Swinerton

The design includes building complexes totaling 350,000 square feet, all interconnected by arcades, verandas, courtyards, gardens, and bridges. The new animation studio has departments housed in five different buildings and thus it was important for the overall design to provide places where creative collaboration could occur. Future phases will bring the complex up to 495,000 square feet. A linear fountain garden walk allows artists to retreat into the landscape, putting them in touch with light, fresh air, plants, and running water. The design, consistent with DreamWorks’ corporate culture, provides an environment to inspire contemplative individual work and synergistic group gatherings. The offices of the various buildings open out onto a landscape with geometrical, ceremonial spaces for large groups; private, sometimes hidden, gardens for small groups; and a variety of arcades, courts, bridges, and walks where people can meet. Among the most deeply rooted of its garden strategies is the use of water, a linear fountain water walk, a water wall, and numerous elegant fountains.