Fluor Daniels

Owner: Fluor Daniels

Landscape Architect: EDAW

The Fluor Daniels Campus in Aliso Viejo is divided into two sectors, the 22.8-acre engineering campus and the 9-acre corporate campus. The engineering campus encompasses five buildings totaling 440,000 square feet. On-site amenities include a cafeteria, fitness center, basement in one of the buildings for building operations storage and support, a courtyard with a water feature, outside seating, and a coffee bar. The corporate campus consists of a four-story building of 110,000 square feet and on-site amenities include a fitness center, cafeteria, and a Board of Directors room. Rosso Nero Lithocrete®, black sandblasted bands and crisp 90 degree light sandblasted walls were installed by Shaw & Sons on this project