Fox Studios

Owner: Fox Studios

Architect: HLW International LLP

Landscape Architect: HLW International LLP, Architects

Shaw & Sons worked closely from the beginning with the architect, HLW International LLP, to establish construction procedures, budgets and working relationships. Extensive team pre-planning resulted in an exhaustive review of all project details, selection of the best materials for the job, as well as achieving optimum esthetic value and durability. The project features radius walls with horizontal reveals. The Lithocrete® Granite Autocourt was constructed on waterproofed structural deck. Shaw & Sons installed Ascona and Rosso Lithocrete architectural retaining walls, seat walls, ramps, stairs, pathways, fountains, and vehicular and pedestrian hardscape. Finishes range from Lithocrete® Etched and Sandblasted to Shaw & Sons signature smooth form finish.

Lithocrete® by Shaw & Sons has a distinctively elegant appearance in stark contrast to the asphalt pavement used throughout Fox Studios. It helped us create promenades and plazas, each with a unique character. With the patterning we saw cut into the Lithocrete®, “Avenue D” has a far richer quality to it, more like cut stone. It has become the studio’s central gathering point for eating, casual business meetings, and socializing. Using contrasting colors in the Newscorp Logo, Lithocrete® helped create the drama of the building’s entry. The team at Shaw & Sons helped make this project successful and cost effective. They had the capability under one roof to fit so perfectly into our design puzzle, that there really was no other choice but to turn to Shaw & Sons as our contracted partner.

– Michael Tegnell, Senior Designer for Fox Studios, HLW International, LLP