RAND Corporate Headquarters

Owner: RAND Corporation

Architect: AECOM

Landscape Architect: Mia Lehrer + Associates

General Contractor: Turner Construction Company

The Rand Corporation is a non-profit “think-tank” formed in 1948 to conduct research on complex matters of national security. The talented team of architects at DMJM H&N (now AECOM) worked closely with the RAND Corporation to design a building that would exceed RAND’s organizational and functional needs. It was absolutely pertinent to RAND that functionality, equality and sustainability be placed before aesthetics during the design of the project.

The Lithocrete® paving of the courtyards at the RAND Corporation provides for an inviting multipurpose space for social gathering, and promotion interaction amongst the staff and guests. The mock-ups provided by Shaw & Sons during the design process allowed the colors and textures of the pavement to compliment the building palette and landscaping. The curvilinear nature of the building massing is expressed with precise saw-cuts running through the pavement.

– Steven Zimmerman, AECOM