Vertex Standard Company, US Headquarters

Owner: Vertex Standard Co. Ltd.

Architect: Nich Adachi Architects

Landscape Architect: Fong Hart Schneider + Partners

The two-story facility features an open atrium with a Koi fish pond and an indoor garden filled with trees, bushes and flowers, and an artificial stream. The atrium features Rosso Nero Lithocrete and a pebble tactile warning edge around the pond. Step-in-elevation, cast-in-place walls create a unique design that represents the interlocking character of Japanese-inspired art. The project also includes a variation of our patented Sedimentary Walls which include aggregates, shells, and minerals to create unique sedimentary layers

The people at Shaw are great to talk to when we’re considering doing anything different with architectural concrete. We bounce our ideas off them, and we look to their expertise for fresh and innovative pavement concepts. They’re on the cutting edge when it comes to experimenting with finishes, surface treatments and methods of construction.

– Terry Hart, Partner, Fong Hart Schneider + Partners