Viking Office Products

Owner: Viking Office Products

Architect: LPA

Lobby interiors utilize Lithocrete® Bianco Nero paving. Lithocrete® Bianco Nero and Sedimentary walls are found in the exterior plaza.

At Viking Office Products, we used square modules that worked like building blocks as a design theme.  We chose Lithocrete® because of its ability to saw cut into those types of squares. It also allowed us to bring the outside in, so there’s more interior to exterior continuity

Lithocrete® by Shaw & Sons is also an economical way to achieve a high quality design. From a facility management standpoint, we were impressed with the lack of maintenance required and the long term durability of the product. From a project stand point, I don’t think we could have achieved the finished look we wanted with any other material at a comparative cost.

– Deborah L. Lengele, Director of Facilities Planning and Design, Viking Office Products