Air Force One Pavilion

Owner: Reagan Presidential Foundation

Architect: CSA Architects

Landscape Architect: CSA Architects

General Contractor: Hathaway Dinwiddie

Located in the Air Force One Pavilion that is part of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in the hills of Simi Valley, CA, Air Force One is set on three reinforced concrete pedestals facing a 200-foot wide, 60-foot tall glass curtain wall. The Boeing 707 sits at a two-degree upward angle positioned for take off in the 90,000 square-foot facility. Shaw & Sons’ polished concrete surrounds Air Force One.

For over a quarter of a century, Shaw & Sons has provided Hathaway Dinwiddie and our clients with the highest quality architectural concrete installations in Southern California. The high profile clients Hathaway Dinwiddie work for deserve nothing but the best finished product and when Shaw & Sons is on our projects, I know that the architectural concrete will meet or exceed the Owners, Architects and Hathaway Dinwiddie’s expectations. Ron Shaw, Paul Taylor and John Wills take pride in what they do. Their name is on every single project they perform and they make certain that their workmen have the same sense of pride and ownership in the finished product. Hathaway Dinwiddie has been successful in Southern California because of our association with companies such as Shaw & Sons and we look forward to many more years working with Ron and his entire organization.

– Steve Smith, Hathaway Dinwiddie