Themed Retail/Entertainment District, Anaheim, CA

Landscape Architect: Fong Hart Schneider + Partners

General Contractor: Bayley Construction

This 20-acre outdoor shopping, dining and entertainment center lies in the heart of Anaheim. Inspired by the famous Tivoli Gardens of Denmark, this popular district uses a complex but comfortable garden environment to integrate a variety of building types and uses.

An organic design concept symbolized by a vine ties together this themed retail dining center’s many parts.  The vine motif is expressed in a series of long curvilinear forms in the pavement installed by Shaw & Sons, that visually lead guests from each area to the next, “a connective tissue that also introduces a vocabulary of stem, leaf, and flower…” From the vine motif paving patterns that become leaf-shaped, seat-wall planters, and blossoms become fountains.

The vine inspired design connects everything from light standards to trash receptacles.  The vine pattern in the paving even extends in the floors of some of the retail, restaurant and other buildings, tying them visually to the outdoor spaces. 

This Anaheim project is one of Shaw & Sons most interesting and challenging.  Countless hours were invested by the company in pre-planning to develop and implement procedures and methods to construct six acres of hardscape and related materials on schedule.

The quality that Shaw & Sons successfully produced for the entire flatwork of this project was above and beyond the norm. This project also had its innate challenges especially with respect to mobilization of materials and equipment and the ability to work alongside a large number of fellow subcontractors as well as other tenant and general contractor work. The coordination and communication among our respective superintendents and foremen is a great tribute to, and exemplifies what teamwork is all about. Coordination meetings and schedules were daily events and the ability of your personnel to work as closely with ours, and properly and professionally communicate with other sub trades, was exactly what was needed to get this job completed on time and to the level of quality the Owner demanded. We thank Harvey, John, Ryan, Lee and Ron for the effort and attention given to this award winning project.

– Bayley Construction, Jeffrey C. Cunningham, Vice President/Division Manager