Architectural Concrete
Reference Guide, 1st Edition

The purpose of this resource book is to share with others, primarily architects, landscape architects, real estate developers and property owners, our generation of experience and knowledge in the design and construction of commercial and institutional buildings and their surroundings. The publication provides a broad range of structural and architectural concrete projects featuring a wide spectrum of colors and designs, as well as showing how concrete can interface with other construction materials and details.

Architectural Concrete
Reference Guide, 2nd Edition

Shaw & Sons continues to build with the same, time-proven procedures that have been a hallmark of our company since its founding 65 years ago.  We are proud to introduce three new systems to the building and development industry: Lithocrete Quarried Stone, as used in the Santa Monica Place Renovation, “Oceansafe”, our unique system for cleansing storm-water runoff, and LithoMosaic, for installing mosaic tile in architectural concrete.

Stormwater Management

Oceansafe offers an amazingly simple solution for migrating urban runoff by immediately directing it into an aggressive aggregate water storage field that can be installed below any paved service. Through a system of passive and active filters, aggregates and soil grades, runoff is filtered back into existing water tables, or stored for later use on site.  A vertical French draw is used to conduct and direct the filtered storm water runoff to a pervious lens to ensure that the surface level does not become saturated.

Lithocrete® Architectural
Reference Guide

Lithocrete® is the original patented concrete system that has redefined fine plazas and other hardscape creations nationwide. Lithocrete’s® unique colors and textures combine to create the perfect finish for large building plazas, museums, public buildings and municipal projects. It is a natural granite and/or stone finish permanently imbedded into the surface of structural concrete with Shaw & Sons’ own unique finishing process.